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Search volume analysis with D2 - Digital Demand

We are happy to launch our first product. D2 – Digital Demand software captures what really matters: the “search” volume. We strongly believe that online actions represent reality. Therefore search volume analysis can tell a lot about people’s intentions towards any given destination. Whether they are planning to move abroad, study abroad, travel, export to or invest in some particular region, country or city. It even may show the specific interests and trends in the local/domestic market.

Search volume analysis

D2 – Digital Demand software analyse search performed by global citizens for any country, region, or city. Furthermore, all data are gathered and displayed in interactive dashboards, so it is easy to navigate through them. The software delivers specific numbers not the range of searches. That way destinations can have more realistic insights and therefore make better decisions.

Our software analyses search by:
  1. Location – assess the size of the market. By measuring the volume of searches and growth compared to last year, and benchmarking the results with selected competitors.
  2. Topic – understand the product portfolio and quantify in an absolute way what activities, topics, or industries (brandtags) are being searched about in any destination.
  3. Country of origin – find out who is searching and get market intelligence. Do it not only by geolocating the searches but also by defining the target markets’ behavior and preferences.
  4. Month – check for seasonality. Track down the performance of each target market and topic (brandtag) by month for a 24 month time period.

Who is it for

This software can be extremely useful for any destination marketing organisation who promote tourism, investment, exports, talent attraction or maintain the general reputation of the destination.  It measures:

  • What type of touristic information and activities are tourists searching for?
  • Which locations and business opportunities are most searched by foreign investors?
  • Types of products and services are business people searching for?
  • Places are students and workers searching to live, work or study?
  • How do politics and cultural heritage affect the reputation of a place and determines the perception of global citizens?

These are just some examples of who and what for can this software be used. We are always open for new challenges, for that reason D2 – Digital Demand dashboard might be tailored for your needs.

"D2 - Digital Demand software allows marketing teams to build a full portrait of their target audiences, so they can not only see their actions when the decision is made but even prior that - on inspirational phase."

— Arita Berzina, Partner at D2 - Analytics

Before the internet people made decisions mainly based on information they gained from mouth to mouth, reading some media outlet, watching TV or listening radio.

The internet gave freedom to anyone to access loads of information even without leaving home. People can ask in search engines anything and find information. More and more people are making informed decisions. Even more, before going somewhere they search online for information about this place, get familiar with reviews etc. People are searching online, gathering information, building perception, and getting closer to decisions.

Why it is important

By analyzing what, where, when people are searching for marketing teams can evaluate their marketing strategy and later on if needed develop it.

As a result, knowing the people’s online perceptions can allow destinations to attract even more people to their destination for different purposes – to travel, work, study, invest or export.

Moreover D2 – Digital Demand software is unique and as far as we know without direct competitors in the market. Big data is displayed in absolute numbers and verified by experts of the nation branding field, so there are no interpretation mistakes.

In conclusion, check out the product page to find out more! Additionally, you can watch this video explaining how D2 – Digital Demand search volume analysis works.