Find out what international business professionals are searching and finding online about your destination

Our research software for export promotion gathers specific information related to the export industry – that might be searches performed by international business people or online publications about your destination related to export (foreign trade), surveys of international business people, etc. We provide you with verified information, organised in interactive dashboards that are easy to navigate and comprehend.

Explore what international business people are searching for, finding, or thinking about your destination.


Who is it for?


export promotion organisations


export promotion organisations


export promotion organisations

D2 – Analytics has been providing research tools for several export promotion organisations around the world since 2015. With the aid of our in-depth export promotion tools and data, we’ve helped export promotion managers better understand their target markets and competitors. We work with focus to achieve great successes in promoting exports to our clients Country, Region or City.

D2 - Analytics products

Research software for EXPORT promotion organisations

Choose the ready-made product that is best suited to helping achieve your destination marketing research strategy goals, or contact us for a customised solution.


Which type of products and services are business people searching for?

Technology that collects and analyses the big data of online searches carried out by foreign business people. It shows all that they are searching for online for any Country, Region or City. Understand what, when and where potential investors are searching for you in the most popular search engines. Use this knowledge to develop your marketing strategy and action plan.

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What are business people finding online about your destination?

Software that gathers and analyses the big data of online searches. It shows what international business people are finding on the first pages of search engines about any Country, Region, or City. Find out who are the most important content developers for your destination. Manage published content and understand if it fits your strategy and change what doesn't fit. Influence how others see your destination.

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What does your target audience think of your destination?

A qualitative analysis intelligence tool that allows destinations to understand specific issues about their target audience behaviour. Accurate, tailored and fast qualitative analysis that will help you to better understand the intentions and opinions of international business people.

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How crises have affected the export industry and what are the possible future scenarios?

A crisis management tool that gives you deep analysis of the crisis impact on your destination and indicates the right directions through the crises, as well as predicts the size of your potential future target market. Understand how any crisis (political, Covid-19 or any other) has changed the behaviour and intentions of international business people regarding your destination. Use this data to your advantage. Identify what international business people are finding when they search about you in the most popular search engines to understand if it fits your strategy, and change what doesn't fit.

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