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D2 – Analytics scope of services include specialised research solutions for Countries, Regions and Cities. Our services are treasured for authorities and organisations working in the following five areas: tourism promotion, investment attraction, export promotion, talent attraction and general reputation management of a place. Furthermore, we are very flexible and offer a wide range of tailored solutions. For example, firstly, if you require a combination of more than one dimension or product, more target markets, or more competitors. Secondly, you have a special digital research need. Or, thirdly, you have a limited research budget. Tell us, and we’ll find a way to support you with valuable data insights for your destination marketing!

To become familiar with the available dimensions and research methods, please see below.

D2 - Analytics scope of services: dimensions

Every place brand is a combination of five dimensions: TOURISM, INVESTMENT, EXPORT, TALENT and PROMINENCE.

According to world-known country branding experts:

By covering all the necessary dimensions, D2 – Analytics is able to provide any destination with comprehensive digital research tools and practical in-depth data for destination marketing needs.

Within D2 – Analytics scope of services, there are four useful and practical tools for destinations:

Most popular, D2 – Digital Demand © that measures search volume towards Countries, Regions and Cities. D2 – Digital Supply © that measures destination digital identity and footprint. Digital survey tool: D2 – Live Quanti © for fast and precise qualitative data analysis. And a combination of the previous three: D2 – Crisis Mode ©. This software provides a wide and comprehensive data analysis of how to overcome the crisis. It also provides awareness of the actual target audience’s interest, future perspectives and more.

If you would like to understand our services and products better, please feel free to contact us. Or, without any commitment from your side, book a free e-meeting with D2 – Analytics experts to see how these tools look and work in action.

Many Countries, Regions and Cities already use D2 - Analytics research software. It helps them to make informed, data-driven strategic decisions about their destination marketing.

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