Did you know? About 65% of leisure travellers begin researching online before deciding where or how to travel.*

*According to Google and Ipsos MediaCT study “The Traveler’s Road to Decision” (download study here).

There is no doubt that search engines greatly influence travel planning from the very first stages of the consumer journey, making life challenging for DMO’s. To facilitate the decision-making process for destination marketing managers, we have developed specialised research software for destination marketing research that can reveal what potential tourists are searching, finding or thinking about any destination!

D2 – Analytics four research software gathers and analyses valuable information for tourism promotion organisations. Starting with an analysis of the online search demand of potential tourists (D2 – Digital Demand ©), as well as the analysis of online publications on your destination related to the tourism industry (D2 – Digital Supply ©). Continuing with fast and accurate qualitative analysis surveys (D2 – Live Quanti ©). Moreover, we can offer you an in-depth analysis of any crisis and forecast future scenarios (D2 – Crisis Mode ©).

D2 – Analytics destination marketing software can provide tourism destinations with trusted insights on research data regarding tourist behaviour analysis to confidently develop destination development and growth strategies. The tool is very intuitive, easy to navigate and comprehend.


Who is it for?


destination marketing organisations


tourism promotion organisations


tourism promotion organisations

Since 2015, D2 – Analytics has worked with many DMO’s and Tourism Boards worldwide. Our destination marketing tools are helping many Country, Region and City governments to understand their digital identity and appeal. Also, it gives tourism promotion managers a better understanding of the destination’s target audience, competitors or impact and forecast of the crisis. Therefore they can operate in a focused manner to achieve great success in attracting travellers to their destination.

D2 - Analytics products

Research software for TOURISM promotion organisations and DMO's

Please choose the best fit for your destination marketing research strategy from the ready-made products or contact us for a customised solution.


What tourists are searching online about your destination?

Software that gathers and analyses the big data of online searches performed by potential tourists towards any Country, Region or City. In other words, D2 - Digital Demand © tool can determine exactly how many potential tourists are looking for your destination's beaches, museums, shopping, etc., in 24 months period. It also breaks down data into larger and smaller categories by months and audiences (other countries, regions or cities).

About D2 - Digital Demand ©

What are tourists finding when they search about your destination on search engines?

Software that gathers and analyses the big data of online searches. To be precise, what tourists find on the first pages of search engines about any Country, Region, or City. This data allows destinations to understand their digital identity and footprint.

About D2 - Digital Supply ©

What does your target audience think of your destination?

Digital questionnaire intelligence tool that allows destinations to understand specific issues about their target audience behaviour. Accurate, tailored, and fast qualitative analysis will help you better understand potential tourists' intentions and opinions.

About D2 - Live Quanti ©

Want to be aware of the impact of the crisis on the tourism industry and its future scenarios?

D2 - Crisis Mode © is a crisis management tool that offers destinations in-depth analysis of any crisis (political, pandemics, catastrophes, etc.) impacting the tourism industry. Firstly this tool shows how the crisis has changed tourist digital behaviour and intentions towards your destination. Secondly, it indicates the right directions through the crises. And finally, it predicts the size of your future potential target market.

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