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Big Data analysis of what people are searching about you on search engines

D2 - Digital Demand gathers, analyses and visualises the total amount of searches in the form of interactive dashboards. To clarify, those searches performed by potential tourists, investors, workforce, students or global citizens towards any Country, Region or City. With this in mind, Country, Region, and City promotion organisations can easily understand their target audience's true interest in their destination.

About D2 - Digital Demand

Big Data analysis of what people are finding about you on search engines

The D2 - Digital Supply software can measure any Country, Region, or City digital brand identity on search engines. It analyses how the search engine displays any destination in its first pages, in any language. The software provides unique intelligence about the digital footprint of any Country, Region, or City. And it shows what exactly has to be done to improve any place brand's online identity.

About D2 - Digital Supply

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