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D2 - Analytics spin-off from Bloom Consulting

In order to help countries, regions, and cities measure their digital appeal and presence, Bloom Consulting has launched spin-off company D2 – Analytics. 

Bloom Consulting has worked in fields of nation branding and city branding since 2003. Their clients represent different local and national governments around the globe. With a rapid rise in internet use, we realised that each destination (country, region or city) is starting to develop a digital identity. As many people prior to visiting a country, search for information online which in turn builds their perception of the country.

Why spin-off company D2 – Analytics

It has always been important to understand the appeal of each destination. In the online environment, the action of “searching” was what determined the appeal. Through looking at online searches, we saw the perception of each destination. We created our first software D2 – Digital Demand. We started using it to help our clients understand how, what, where, and when many people are searching about their destination. It is the first software we own as a company. Overall our main focus is the analytics of big data. 

"It was a time for us to separate the fields we work in. Bloom Consulting is a nation branding agency and spin-off company D2 - Analytics is a big data company that provides analytic insights and intelligence about countries, regions, and cities."

— Jose Filipe Torres, Partner at D2 - Analytics and CEO of Bloom Consulting

D2 - Analytics Madrid headquarter office interior and team

The new company is launched

Starting this year any destination in the world can purchase this product separately from Bloom Consulting consultancy service. There are many great minds in the research departments of the city, region, or country promotion organisations. With D2 – Analytics dimensions they can now analyse and interpret data on their own. We display our data in the software D2 – Digital Demand which is very intuitive to use. You simply log in and surf trough different, interactive dashboards representing data at various angles.

Additionally, to data sets, we offer as well a deeper data interpretation and reports. We are confident that D2 – Analytics could further help destination marketing organisations in many ways. Such as to promote their destinations in order to attract travellers, talent, investors, to promote export or develop a general reputation.

D2 – Analytics is a new and ambitious company continuously striving for progress. We already have our first clients from different continents. Our main aim is to give value for big data and make it more accessible for destination marketing teams.

Destinations use data provided by D2 – Analytics to improve their marketing strategy or measure the success of marketing campaigns. As well as to understand what kind of perception of destination is in peoples minds.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the company, please contact us!