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Since 2015 we have worked with more than thirty Country, Region and City development and promotion organisations. Besides several valuable partnership projects.

D2 - Analytics clients

Happy about our clients business intelligence and success

D2 – Analytics clients around the world experience the benefits of big data and quantitative research analysis. Great results are achieved by using various D2 – Analytics software products: D2 – Digital Demand, D2 – Digital Supply, D2 – Crisis Mode, D2 – Live Quanti. Furthermore, clients have recognised that D2 – Analytics various software has helped them in tourism promotion, investment attraction, export promotion, talent attraction and reputation management of a place in such ways as:

  • Ability to measure the real effectiveness of marketing campaigns over a 24-month period.
  • A better understanding of potential customer desires and needs.
  • Measure the current marketing strategy and refine it.
  • Identify what are the most appealing target markets.

  • Identify what are the most popular product offers.
  • Understand the most effective timing for promotion and marketing campaigns.
  • Understanding of the digital identity and footprint of the destination.
  • Analysis of top articles, images and videos available on search engines.

  • Analysis of top content authors (contributors).
  • Analysis of top content publication dates.
  • Valuable insight into how the destination is being perceived during the crisis and understanding of how those perceptions may impact the future.
  • and many more…

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D2 - Analytics partners

Proud with our partners and collaboration projects

D2 – Analytics is proud to have excellent partnerships with organisations such as the City Nation Place (webinar “Crisis management of the Covid-19 pandemic: the impact on Nation Brands”) and Bloom Consulting (Digital Country Index and Digital City Index).

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