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Since 2015 we have worked with many Country, Region, and City development and promotion organisations. Besides several valuable partnership projects.

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Happy about our clients business intelligence and success

D2 – Analytics clients around the world experience the benefits of big data and qualitative research analysis. Great results are achieved by using various D2 – Analytics software products: D2 – Digital Demand ©, D2 – Digital Supply ©, D2 – Crisis Mode ©, D2 – Live Quanti ©. Furthermore, our clients have recognised that D2 – Analytics various software has helped them in tourism promotion, investment attraction, export promotion, talent attraction and reputation management of a place in such ways as:

  • Ability to measure the real effectiveness of marketing campaigns over a 24-month period.
  • A better understanding of potential customer desires and needs.
  • Measure the current marketing strategy and refine it.
  • Identify what are the most appealing target markets.

  • Identify what are the most popular product offers.
  • Understand the most effective timing for promotion and marketing campaigns.
  • Understanding of the digital identity and footprint of the destination.
  • Analysis of top articles, images and videos available on search engines.

  • Analysis of top content authors (contributors).
  • Analysis of top content publication dates.
  • Valuable insight into how the destination is being perceived during the crisis and understanding of how those perceptions may impact the future.
  • and more…

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D2 - Analytics partners

Research and development partner:

D2 – Analytics is proud to have an excellent partnership with its sister company and one of the worlds leading nation branding consultancies Bloom Consulting. Bloom Consulting has been operating since 2003 and its extensive global place branding experience makes a significant contribution to D2 – Analytics research and development programs.

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