Do you know what about your destination really interests international talent (workforce and students)? We have the answer.

Our research software for Talent attraction management gathers specific information related to the international talent, workforce and student’s attraction to any Country, Region or City. This may be searches performed by your target audience, publications about your destination related to talent field, surveys etc. In such a way we are providing destinations (big and small) with verified information, organised in interactive dashboards, easy to navigate and comprehend.

Explore what international students or workforce are searching, finding or thinking about your destination.


Who is it for?


Talent attraction organisations


Talent attraction organisations


Talent attraction organisations

Since 2015 D2 – Analytics has worked with talent attraction organisations and helping marketing managers collect data on the behaviors and attitudes of their target audience. We have helped them to significantly improve their marketing strategies so they can attract talent more successfully to their Country, Region or City.

D2 - Analytics products

Research software for TALENT attraction organisations

Choose the ready-made product best suited to helping achieve your destination marketing research strategy goals, or contact us for a customised solution.


How many students and workers are searching Live, Work or Study related terms about your destination?

Software that gathers and analyses the big data of online searches performed by international talent (your potential students or workers). An awareness of what type of information students and workforce are searching for in a talent hub allows you to understand the current positioning and product portfolio. Use this information to adjust your marketing strategy and action plan.

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What are students or workers finding on the first pages of search engines?

Software that gathers and analyses the big data of online searches and shows the search results of first pages on most popular search engines. It gives you an overview of most visible publications about your destination, looking at publication dates, specific links, used keywords and much more.
Countless case studies have shown that there is content "out there" that is 10 or even more years' old. On the first pages of search engines!! Can you imagine that? This tool is developed to help destinations to improve their digital identity by identifying these defects and to get a better understanding and control of what shows up when someone searches for them.

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What do international students and workers think about your destination?

This software gathers the results of tailored digital questionnaires done by your target audience. Accurate, tailored and fast qualitative analysis will help you to better understand the intentions and opinions of the international talent (your potential future students or workers).

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How have crises affected the talent attraction environment and what are the future scenarios?

A crisis management tool that gives you deep analysis about crisis impact on your destination. It indicates the right direction through the crises as well as predicts the size of your future potential target market. Understand how any crisis (political, Covid-19 any other) has changed potential student or worker behaviour and intentions towards your destination so you can use this data to your advantage.

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