NEW Tool: D2 - Crisis Mode ©

We have recently developed D2 – Crisis Mode © crisis management software that combines different types of datasets for destinations to assess how much specific crises or event is affecting and will affect Countries, Regions, and Cities in the future.

D2 - Crisis Mode © crisis management software for destinations.

By combining four different D2 – Crisis Mode © (crisis analysis tool for tourism, investment, export, talent, and general reputation) data sets, we are helping Countries, Regions, and Cities to understand their future forecasts and the level of appeal affected by any type of crisis (political, catastrophes, pandemics etc.).

What will tourists, business people, investors, students, workforce, and the general public value most in the upcoming future? How are destinations being perceived during the current crisis? How those perceptions may impact people willingness to visit, invest, do business, live, work, and study in specific destinations in the future? Additionally, we give recommendations on practical actions to prepare destinations for the future.

Four different datasets are being used for in-depth crisis analysis.

To analyse specific events or crises, we combine four different data sets. We use three of our software – D2 – Digital Demand ©, D2 – Digital Supply © and D2 – Live Quanti © plus ask our clients to provide additional “hard data” from their sources. These four datasets allow us to build scenarios and predictions for the future.

"D2 - Crises Mode © software is like a compass. It would not be wise to throw it away in times of storm."

— Jose Filipe Torres, Partner and Strategy Director of D2 - Analytics

Importance of data in any country, region, or city crisis management.

There is no doubt that we are feeling the strong Covid-19 impact on tourism industry, investment attraction, exports and business, relocation, international talent mobility, place brand reputation, etc. It seems that the world stopped. Everyone is hibernating, saving resources. In conversations with destinations, we see confusion, rapid changes in strategy, going from international to domestic markets. It is a gut feeling which makes slightly rational decisions. In a lockdown, everyone stays at home. The first steps to get back to tourism activities are local, domestic travel.

Yet, we are sure that Covid-19, like any other storm, will pass. Destinations have to be prepared for the period after the pandemic. Moreover, we at D2 – Analytics are sure that you need a compass to navigate through the storm. And that is precisely what D2 – Crisis Mode © is – a tool to guide you to the new future.

Data presented in D2 - Crisis Mode © software.

As mentioned before, software D2 – Crisis Mode © combines four different data sets. The software presents data in six areas:

  • Crisis Management perceptions – understanding of Brand Naught performance of destinations. Moreover, the evaluation of the national and regional government crisis management, how is it affecting the touristic appeal and reputation of the destination.
D2 - Crisis Mode (crisis management software) graph "Crisis management perceptions".
  • Crisis Sensitivity – analyses of how crisis or event-related topics (brandtags) are affecting destination. You will understand the size of the demand, monthly evolution, benchmark, most popular brandtags, and target markets.
D2 - Crisis Mode (crisis management software) graph "Crisis sensitivity".
  • Destination’s appeal – measuring the level of appeal and demand towards the destination (monthly evolution).
D2 - Crisis Mode (crisis management software) graph "The appeal of a destination".
  • Behaviour and preferences – understand how the crisis or specific event affects the future of travelling, investing, exporting, studying, moving to, working etc. now and in future scenarios.
D2 - Crisis Mode (crisis management software) graph "Scenario analysis for crisis management".
  • Crisis Digital Footprint – understand how articles related to a crisis or specific events appear on target audience searches on the top pages of search engines (results for each content creator plus actual links to the articles).
D2 - Crisis Mode (crisis management software) graph "Crisis digital footprint".
  • Forecast – understand economic forecasts based on predictive scenarios.
D2 - Crisis Mode (crisis management software) graph "Market forecast".

Measure any crisis impact on a place brand!

We developed this software because of a pandemic, as it affected tourism so directly we felt the need for this tool. However, D2 – Crisis Mode © software can be used to assess any crisis. For example, suppose your destination is going through certain circumstances and experiencing a crisis. In that case, you can use or software or choose a tailored version with some datasets to analyse the impact or predict the future. Feel free to contact us to clarify how and if we can assist you!

D2 – Analytics crisis management software for destinations D2 – Crisis Mode © can analyse any crisis impact on any country, region, or city! Let us know if you’re interested in finding out more: or +371 62102353.