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Used by governments, DMO's, IPA's, and city councils all around the world since 2015

D2 – Analytics is a Big Data software company that provides analytic insights and intelligence about Countries, Regions, and Cities. Our expertise includes Big Data analysis through specialized research software, analytic tools, and marketing research for destinations. D2 software and tools for destination market research are developed to take advantage of the insights that big data can reveal about global citizen digital behavior and the decision-making process towards any nation and place.

We believe that informed, data-driven decisions are the core of a successful place marketing strategy! Please find out more about D2 – Analytics research software below or contact us for detailed information.

D2 – Analytics provide 4 destination market research tools, specialized in Tourism Promotion, Investment Promotion, Export Promotion, Talent Attraction, and General Reputation of Countries, Regions, and Cities:

  1. D2 – Digital Demand © offers online search volume analysis for cities, nations, and places. The software includes more than 200 graphs and more than 400 different micro-brandtag (topic) analyses (for example, Gastronomy, Shopping, MICE, Natural Parks, UNESCO Tourism, Airbnb etc., in the Tourism dimension). Absolute numbers, not trends, not ranges!
  2. D2 – Digital Supply © search engine listening tool that analyses the digital identity of countries, regions, and cities. More than 600 widgets/graphs with an in-depth analysis of the destination’s digital footprint.
  3. D2 – Crisis Mode © measures any crisis (Covid-19 pandemics, political crisis, catastrophes etc.) impact on the country, region, or city reputation and brand as well as on the tourism, investment, export or talent attraction industries;
  4. D2 – Live Quanti © is a fast and precise digital questionnaire tool for destinations.

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What type of touristic information and activities are Tourists searching for?

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Which places are Students and Workers searching for living, working, or studying?

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Which locations and business opportunities are most searched by Foreign Investors?

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How do politics and cultural heritage affect the reputation of a place?

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Destination research

Research about destinations and places fascinates us, and we conduct them with the utmost zeal and precision. Our years of experience working with national, regional, and city institution marketing, digital, strategy, and research departments have helped us to develop destination promotion industry-relevant research available here, for free, for your inspiration, ideas, and development.

Following the trends and curiosity, our latest research concerns the Covid-19 pandemic impact on tourist behaviors and nation brands.

Frequently, we publish the Digital Country Index and the Digital City Index, which measure the interest and digital performance of countries and cities in the areas of Tourism, Investment, Export, Talent, and General reputation. The result indicates a Country Brand or City brand appeal.

Our research partner is a world-known strategic nation and place branding consultancy Bloom Consulting.

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Many Countries, Regions, and Cities already use D2 - Analytics place brand research. It helps them to make informed, data-driven strategic marketing and promotion decisions.

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