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About D2 – Analytics history. The D2 company was founded in 2015 in Madrid (Spain) as a sister company of one of the worlds leading nation branding consultancies Bloom Consulting. Since 2019 we have had a second office in Riga (Latvia).

We devoted our work solely to the governmental institutions of both larger and smaller destinations. Since 2015 D2 – Analytics software has been used by several governments worldwide, including Australia, Finland, Germany, Costa Rica, Sweden, Seychelles, Norway, Madeira, Madrid, Helsinki, and Brussels, among many other destinations (D2 – Analytics clients). 

Data analytics and place marketing are our passion. And we believe that informed, data-driven decisions are the core of a successful place marketing strategy. That is why we want to make Big Data easy to navigate and comprehend for everyone.

Our team strongly believes that our clients need more than just a data supplier. They need a partner who assists their journey through the data “jungle” and provides the meaning and the value. Influential members of our team are nation branding experts as we believe in the importance of the human touch to clear the data and give it a voice.

We strive to provide business-focused solutions that are creative, effective, and technically accomplished.

The importance of Big Data in destination marketing is immeasurable. It's like a compass pointing in the right direction. Being left without a compass in a storm would be the last thing you want.

Jose Filipe Torres, Founding Partner and Strategy Director at D2 – Analytics.

D2 – Analytics provide various digital research software and tools for Country, Region, and City government organisations working in tourism promotion, investment attraction, export promotion, talent attraction and general reputation management.

Furthermore, D2 – Analytics products cover four essential areas:

  1. Measurement of search demand – through online searches, with the D2 – Digital Demand © software, we analyse the proactive interests of internet users towards any country, region, or city. The research data is then displayed in interactive and easy to navigate dashboards on our web application.
  2. Analyses of digital identity – another side of a search demand is a search display. The D2 – Digital Supply © software gathers and analyses all search results data on the first pages of search engines, giving the exact links to the source. This software allows countries, regions, and cities to understand the digital identity of their destination.
  3. Measurement of offline perceptions – by conducting precisely targeted surveys, the D2 – Live Quanti © tool gathers qualitative data of what people all over the world think about your destination.
  4. Analyses of crises – as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on destinations, we have developed the D2 – Crises Mode © software. This software allows country, region, and city governments, DMO’s, IPA’s, and other organisations to measure the impact of Covid-19 on their destinations. Moreover, they can use this tool for any other crisis analysis, such as political crisis, refugee crisis, catastrophe etc.

Organisations and destinations worldwide rely on our data solutions to navigate change and accelerate economic growth.  If you would like to be one of them, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your needs. D2 – Analytics strategic market research tools can be a great addition to your Country’s, Region’s, or City’s research portfolio!

Reliable data

Every data set is gathered via software and carefully double-checked by experienced professionals.

Intuitive user experience

The data is arranged in self-explanatory charts and graphs, making it easy to navigate through different data levels.

24/7 customer service

We assist our clients through all the contract periods via conference calls and emails.

Big Data

Our unique software works with Big Data and offers absolute numbers, not trends, not ranges!

Free research studies

We develop multiple free research studies throughout the year about topical industry-related issues.

Tailored proposals

We are flexible concerning the data sets needed and can easily adjust to the specific client needs.

Hands-on destination marketing research.

We believe that good partnerships are vital and can bring great added value. This is why we have created several interesting cooperation projects.

Every year we publish various free research studies for destinations. The latest (in cooperation with the global nation branding experts Bloom Consulting) are Covid-19 Study: The Impact on Nation Brands and Covid-19 Study: The Impact on Tourist Behaviours.

Together with City Nation Place, Bloom Consulting, experts from New Zealand Story and Tourism Ireland, we recently held a webinar about Crisis management of the COVID-19 pandemic: the impact on Nation Brands.

We’re also very proud that the Digital Country Index and the Digital City Index are both powered by our D2 – Digital Demand © tool. These Indexes measure the interest and performance of countries and cities in the five areas: Tourism promotion, Investment attraction, Export promotion, Talent attraction and General Reputation Management of a place.

D2 - Analytics team (front office)

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