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Covid-19 study: The Impact on Tourist Behaviours and Nation Brands

D2 – Analytics, together with sister company Bloom Consulting, carried out two global and independent studies on the impact of the Covid-19 on Nation Brands and Tourist Behaviours.

The Covid-19 Study – The Impact on Nation Brands

The first study aims to better understand the impact of Covid-19 on Nation Brands and all dimensions of the Bloom Consulting Brand Wheel ©. Mainly, this study gives a better understanding of how the government’s crisis management of Covid-19 has affected both perceptions and brands. Secondly, it presents a new concept called Brand-Nought. This serves as a tool as it measures the impact of the crisis on the dimensions of Tourism, Investment, Talent, Export and General Reputation.

This study was presented by Jose Filipe Torres, Partner of D2 – Analytics and CEO of Bloom Consulting, in a webinar on City Nation Place. Other experts of Nation Branding like Rebecca Smith, Director of New Zealand Story, and Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, both attended the webinar as well.

"Brand-Nought may look theoretical - but it's an amazing formula. Not just for crisis management or public governance - but for tourism & FDI. It gives you a number you can focus on - a language that non-experts can understand."

— Jose Filipe Torres, Partner at D2 - Analytics, CEO of Bloom Consulting

CNP webinar on Covid studyattendees

The Covid-19 Study – The Impact on Tourist Behaviours

This research looks at the impact of Covid-19 on Tourism, one of the most affected dimensions of Bloom Consulting Brand Wheel ©. The purpose of the report is to discern the changes in the perceptions of tourists as well as to discover the new trends in the sector and finally, how brands can push the industry to recover by using research and big data.

The study revealed that tourist behaviours are highly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic with 15% of respondents said they are not going to travel again even if the virus is completely eradicated. Read full research in order to delve deeper and understand the reasons for behaviour change.

Methodology of researches

To understand the different points of view and the new tourist behaviours, Bloom Consulting launched an international survey using 4,000 people from around the world including the USA, Italy, Australia and China. All national opinions were removed from the sample population of the 140 countries mentioned.

Simultaneously, we evaluated the global online searches from every country in the world using our D2 – Digital Demand software. The comprehensive amount of data collected has provided us with a unique perspective on recent online behaviours and trends.

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