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The D2 – Live Quanti © digital questionnaire tool runs automated surveys in desired markets with 100% accuracy on target audience profiles

With the D2 – Live Quanti © software, you can quickly and precisely conduct target market research. Furthermore, it allows you to understand your international target audience’s opinions and potential behaviours towards your Country, Region or City.


Analyse perceptions by location

Find out what your destinations’ target audience thinks of your country, region, or city. By the way, you can choose the right target audience from a niche field and from anywhere in the world.

Understand target audience associations

Find out people associations with specific countries, regions, or cities. It’s possible to ask either open or closed questions.

Find out considerations

See which dimensions of your destination are the most appealing for your target audience. Analyse the potential behaviour and adjust your marketing strategy, and plan accordingly.

Take advantage of the in-depth quantitative research

Here are some examples of how the D2 - Live Quanti © tool can provide intelligence and competitive advantage for your organisation.


Measure your target audience's current perceptions, opinions, and potential behaviour.

Data-backed actions

Build data-backed campaigns, test ads or other marketing materials.

Strategic positioning

Measure brand positioning efforts, brand awareness, and adjust marketing strategy.

Product definition

Identify the customer’s preferences and most relevant product offerings.

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D2 - Live Quanti © software is available within five different dimensions

In addition, we also offer TAILORED solutions to fit your budget and specific needs.

TOURISM promotion
INVESTMENT promotion
EXPORT promotion
TALENT attraction
REPUTATION management
TAILORED to needs

Subscription details

This is exactly what you will get in any of the solutions you subscribe to:

Personal training

for the software functionalities via conference call

Yearly subscription

to the Web Access with 5 users and passwords


up to 15 questions available + target market of your choice

24/7 support

and technical assistance during the yearly subscription

D2 - Live Quanti © pricing

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Our experts will:

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  • Present you the software functionalities.
  • Explain how deep consumer insights can improve your existing goals.


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