D2 - Digital Supply © software: the new product

D2 – Digital Supply © software is a search engine listening tool that allows Countries, Regions, and Cities to analyse their digital footprints.

Search engine listening tool.

D2 – Digital Supply © software gathers all content displayed at first pages of search engines related to specific a Country, Region or City. This way destinations are able to follow their digital presence and stay informed about all digital content, including images and videos, created about them.

We can look at this software as the other side of D2 – Digital Demand © software. On the contrary, it shows not what people search for, but what they actually find about destinations while searching. These publications are classified by a degree of importance, origin and the context of information the user will receive from the search engine.

Who is it for?

D2 – Analytics is a specialised company working directly with governments providing information about Countries, Regions, and Cities. D2 – Digital Supply © software can be used by destination tourism, investment, and export promotion organisations, talent attraction and general reputation management organisations. If you find our product appealing, but you are not sure can we satisfy your need, drop us the message! We are very open to developing tailored solutions, as each case is unique.

"In order to improve or build your digital presence, you have to know what is there already. D2 - Digital Supply © software collects all content displayed on first pages of search engines."

— Gonzalo Vilar, Head of Big Data

Analyses of digital footprints.

D2 – Digital Supply © software allows destinations to analyse their digital footprints on search engines. In interactive dashboards of this search engine listening tool, data is displayed in an easy to comprehend way.

Firstly, the destination will access the top 50 results of search engines, those are the first ten pages, as well as ranking positions of all results. Secondly, breakdown by section (all, images, videos), by the target markets and by brandtag (themes). Thirdly, information about the contributor (name, type, industry), and moreover the direct link to the article, image, or video. These are just a part of the in-depth analysis destinations can receive through the information presented in our software.

D2 - Digital Supply © benefits for destination marketing organisations

We suggest our D2 – Digital Supply © software for any destination, big and small, in the world. We genuinely believe that through the digital identity of the place, people build their perceptions. That may trigger their interest to study, work, or visit the place, even to invest or export goods and services.

This search engine listening tool may help to measure the digital identity of the place or measure the success of a marketing strategy. As well as to adjust the content to strategy and be able to influence the content. Furthermore, it allows marketing and research teams to understand who are the main and most successful content builders about the destination.

Subscription details.

To become a user of D2 – Digital Supply © software simply sign up for the most suitable plan or book a meeting, so that we can adjust the plan for your needs. After signing the contract, you will receive login information. Software is easy to navigate and all data is displayed in interactive charts.

Additionally to that without any extra costs you will receive our 24/7 technical assistance and 2x personal online training to get acquainted with the software.

If you have any further questions please go to the product page or contact us.