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There are four different D2 – Analytics research tools for destinations available. To become familiar with the D2 – Analytics destination marketing research products and methods, please see below.

Since 2015 D2 – Analytics software products have enabled many destinations to understand better the behaviour of their potential customers. Also, D2 – Analytics software analyses the effectiveness of destination marketing campaigns, action plans and strategies. Thanks to our products, destination promotion organisations have the invaluable opportunity to understand the thoughts of potential customers during their inspirational phase. Namely, before they have finally decided to travel, to invest, to move to another country for living, studying or working purposes.

To conclude, D2 – Analytics software provides in-depth information which one can use influence customer decisions in your favour.

D2 - Analytics software products

Our products complement other destination marketing research methods and strengthen Country, Region and City marketing promotion efforts.

By using D2 – Analytics software, you will discover your target audience behaviours in the broadest and most accurate way possible. Our research tools for destinations support your needs and strengthen your business.

D2 – Analytics tools will be a useful addition to the existing research methods for Country, Region and City organisations. They will be valuable, especially to those working with tourism promotion, investment attraction, export promotion, talent attraction and general reputation management of a place. Furthermore, we provide tailored solutions that fulfil your specific needs which fit into your available research budget.

Online search demand

The D2 - Digital Demand software measures and analyses the online search demand towards a Country, Region or City. The software uses interactive dashboards to visualise this data. They show the total amount of searches by potential tourists, investors, workforce, students or global citizens for any destination. With the help of these dashboards, destination promotion organisations can gain insights into their target audience's interest in their place. In turn, this will enable them to adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.


Digital identity

The D2 - Digital Supply software measures digital brand identity of destinations. This tool can offer valuable research data about your destination. For example, how a search engine displays a Country, Region or City in the first pages. The software provides unique intelligence about the digital footprint of any Country, Region or City. It also shows what exactly has to be done to improve any place brand's online identity.


Perceptions & opinions

Quantitative digital questionnaire tool for destinations.
The D2 - Live Quanti software surveys quickly and precisely analyses specific international target market perceptions, opinions, intentions and potential actions towards any Country, Region or City. We guarantee 100% accurate audiences, fast results, easy to navigate charts and help with interpretation if needed.


Analysis & forecasts

The Covid-19 crisis analysis software for tourism destinations.
The D2 - Crisis Mode software gives answers to governments and institutions seeking an in-depth data analysis of the effects of the Covid-19 crisis towards their Country, Region or City. The tool offers a wide range of analytic decision-making insights for any destination during the Covid-19 crisis and recovery. The software uses quantitative destination marketing research methods to get the most comprehensive insight.