New D2 - Live Quanti © software

To prepare qualitative content or any marketing activity in which you have to know your audience, client, or consumer, we are launching D2 – Live Quanti © software. This is a new digital questionnaire tool so you can have answers fast and from the right people!

Today’s digital environment allows anyone to create their digital surveys and ask questions, but engaging the required audience is the biggest challenge.

Strengths of D2 - Live Quanti © software.

Firstly, D2 – Live Quanti © software assures you a 100% accurate audience. Meaning that if you need to find out the views of 1,500 international entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 and 35 living in Australia, we can provide that with complete accuracy. Secondly, we follow deadlines; we will deliver on time if you need answers in a week. Thirdly, and most importantly, you will receive data in software that displays results in easy to navigate charts. Moreover, we will help you with data interpretation if needed.

"Sometimes it is important to understand the target audience behaviour deeper, and the best way to do that is by asking the right questions to the right audience. To avoid "shooting the stars" and wasting your time, we offer the exact target audience profiles you need."

— Gonzalo Vilar, Head of Big Data

Finding the right audience for your survey.

When you develop your survey, you probably keep in mind your target audience. But how do you engage with them to fill in the digital questionnaire? By posting your survey on social media? Or maybe you still do that the traditional way by face-to-face interviews?

There can be many downsides to your qualitative research: sample of respondents not large enough, incomplete questionnaires, insufficient time to gather answers, lousy profiling. Does it sound familiar?

How can we assure 100% accuracy in profiling?

We have a broad panel of people around the world who have already filled in their digital profiles. Therefore, we can filter the profiles by geolocation, age, education, occupation, country of residency, interests, and many more indicators. Additionally, they are online when they receive a request to fill in the survey so that you will receive a response in a short time.

How do we deliver the survey data in D2 - Live Quanti © software?

We deliver all results in the D2 – Live Quanti © online tool. You’ll receive the login, password and will be able to access the data anytime you want or need it. Forget about compiling answers in a vast excel file. You will receive the results already displayed in graphs, so you will be able to surf through them on different levels.

Above all, we will assist you through the journey, from preparing the questions and targeting the audience to delivering the results.