D2 - Analytics research software for destination promotion can determine what your target audience is interested in

Our research software for destination promotion gather specific information related to your industry. This may be searches performed by your potential clients, publications about or related to your destination, surveys of your target audience, etc. We are providing you with verified information, organised in interactive dashboards, easy to navigate and comprehend.

Explore what people are searching, finding or thinking about your destination.


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Since 2015, D2 – Analytics has assisted many destination promotion organisations around the world in the digital market research field. With the help of our in-depth and detailed data, we have helped destination promotion managers to better understand their target audiences and competitors and operate in a focused manner in order to achieve great success in promoting the destination or attracting people or services to their Country, Region or City.

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Market research software for DESTINATION promotion

Contact us for a customised solution so we can adjust our product for your needs. We provide data and analytics for Countries, Regions and Cities.


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Software gathers and analyses the big data of online searches performed by your target audience, everything that they are searching online for any Country, Region or City. Understand what, when and from where your target audience are looking for about you in the most popular search engines and use this information to adjust your marketing strategy and action plan.

About D2 - Digital Demand

What do people find about your destination on the most popular search engines?

With this research software for destination promotion, you can identify what your target audience are finding when they search about you in the most popular search engines. Understand if it fits your strategy, and change what doesn't fit.

About D2 - Digital Supply

What does your target audience think about your destination or your competitors?

Let's say this year you want to attract more new international athletes to your countries national team in the Olympics. With our software, you can send digital questionnaire to those specific athletes from specific regions and understand what their perceptions of your Country, Region or City are. This tool allows destinations to understand specific issues about their target audience behaviour. We deliver results in interactive dashboards so don't have to spend extra time in spreadsheets.

About D2 - Live Quanti

How crises affected your industry? What are the future forecast?

A crisis management tool that gives you deep analysis about crisis impact on your destination, indicates the right direction through the crises as well as predicts the size of your future potential target market. Understand how Covid-19 crisis has changed the behaviour and intentions of your target audience towards your destination and use this data to your advantage.

About D2 - Crisis Mode